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Adapt This Now: Metal Gear Solid

Chris Hemsworth headlines Stew's dream cast.

Will Grand Theft Auto V be the GTA I actually finish?

Narrative drive vs. blowing shit up.

Die Hard: Beyond the movies

The books, videogames and comics of the Die Hard universe.

Videogame review: DmC: Devil May Cry

This review is a bit late, yes. Although it was because, in truth, I simply can’t

An early look at Bayonetta 2

Platinum Games shows off their Wii-U exclusive.

Dead Space 3 demo impressions

After playing the demo for Visceral Games’ highly anticipated Dead Space 3 last night and getting

Going puzzling with The Room

Bob falls in love with an iOS game.

The terrible hissing of Far Cry 3’s Komodo dragons

Bob hates these nasty buggers but loves the game.

DmC: Devil May Cry demo impressions: A fresh take on a familiar face

The demo for Capcom’s reboot/reimagining of its beloved Devil May Cry franchise has finally arrived, and

Videogames shouldn’t shy away from offering a good challenge

The most important thing for a videogame to be is fun. It’s job one. Borderlands 2,

An open letter to Capcom
regarding Resident Evil 6

Dear Capcom, We’ve had a relationship, your company and I, for well near three decades now.

The end of an era at BioWare

I doubt it was an accident that BioWare made Dragon Age III: Inquisition official on Monday.

A peek at that new South Park game

Respect Obsidian's authori-tah!

Mass Effect 3’s ending: Assessing the complaints

Separating the whiners from the folks with valid criticisms.

In defense of the default Shepard

Character imports a no-go in Mass Effect 3.

Dear Kelly Chambers …

Your death wasn't Bob's fault! BioWare tricked him!