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Adapt This Now: Metal Gear Solid

Chris Hemsworth headlines Stew's dream cast.

Will Grand Theft Auto V be the GTA I actually finish?

Narrative drive vs. blowing shit up.

Die Hard: Beyond the movies

The books, videogames and comics of the Die Hard universe.

Videogame review: DmC: Devil May Cry

This review is a bit late, yes. Although it was because, in truth, I simply can’t

An early look at Bayonetta 2

Platinum Games has finally shown off a bit of the Nintendo Wii-U exclusive Bayonetta 2, which

Dead Space 3 demo impressions

After playing the demo for Visceral Games’ highly anticipated Dead Space 3 last night and getting

Going puzzling with The Room

I’ve always liked puzzles. Growing up I was constantly buying various types of Rubik’s Cube-esque contraptions

The terrible hissing of Far Cry 3’s Komodo dragons

Bob hates these nasty buggers but loves the game.

DmC: Devil May Cry demo impressions: A fresh take on a familiar face

The demo for Capcom’s reboot/reimagining of its beloved Devil May Cry franchise has finally arrived, and

Videogames shouldn’t shy away from offering a good challenge

The most important thing for a videogame to be is fun. It’s job one. Borderlands 2,

An open letter to Capcom
regarding Resident Evil 6

Dear Capcom, We’ve had a relationship, your company and I, for well near three decades now.

The end of an era at BioWare

I doubt it was an accident that BioWare made Dragon Age III: Inquisition official on Monday.

A peek at that new South Park game

E3 kicked off today in Los Angeles, and it was all Halo … blah, blah …

Mass Effect 3’s ending: Assessing the complaints

Separating the whiners from the folks with valid criticisms.

In defense of the default Shepard

Bad news for those who hoped to import their ugly-ass custom Shepard that they originally designed

Dear Kelly Chambers …

Your death wasn't Bob's fault! BioWare tricked him!