Nowhere to Run Van Damme

Van Dammage Report: Nowhere to Run

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A movie like Nowhere to Run tests the dedication I have to this column, at least in terms of being comprehensive in my approach. I want to watch and review all of Jean-Claude Van Damme’s films, and that means taking the good with the mediocre with the bad. Nowhere to Run, unfortunately, ranks on the […]

Veronica Mars

Movie review: Veronica Mars

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In theory, I suppose you could argue that director/co-writer Rob Thomas attempted to make Veronica Mars — the big-screen, Kickstarter-funded revival of his cult TV show — accessible to non-fans. There’s a nifty opening sequence where present-day Veronica (Kristen Bell) narrates the important parts of her life story overtop of images pulled straight from the […]

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Episode 15: This Podcast (Like Time) is a Flat Circle

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Time is a flat circle in Episode 15 of the Cult Spark Podcast, wherein Bob and Stew discuss HBO’s landmark mystery series and McConaissance apex True Detective (1:47), wonder why Justified has turned crummy this season (23:48) and chat about 300: Rise of an Empire (38:03). They also find time to mull over what’s happening behind the scenes of The LEGO Movie sequel […]

Universal Soldier Van Damme art

Van Dammage Report: Universal Soldier

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All of Jean-Claude Van Damme’s films thus far have been smaller affairs, little soirees that often would live or die based entirely on his ability to wrest some charisma and good fight scenes out of what were often very bad scripts and even more basic scenarios. Universal Soldier, however, shifted that paradigm. For a while, […]