Retro cult review: The Fog (1980)

John Carpenter unleashes zombie-ghosts on a small coastal town.

Wizard World Pittsburgh: Notes from the Daredevil panel

Charlie Cox talks religion in DD and disabled actors playing disabled parts.

Van Dammage Report: In Hell

Ringo Lam sends Jean-Claude off to prison.

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The original MCU show finds its stride in season four.

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A trainwreck in more ways than one.

Movie review: Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

We demanded this sequel! Maybe we shouldn't have.

Episode 27: ‘Member Scarecrow? ‘Member Our Comics on TV Episode?

Dan joins Bob and Stew to talk TV comic-book adaptations. ALL OF THEM.

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It's the one with Charlton Heston. No, really!

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Baldwin’s Bloody Beat: Kickboxer 5: The Redemption (1995)

The unlikely action franchise hits its nadir.

Movie review: Kickboxer: Vengeance

The original gets rebooted with JCVD along for the ride.

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Wait, who's this dude playing Tong Po?!

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Please, Amazon, greenlight this to series.

Rotten Tomatoes scores are no way to judge a movie

Down with the Tomatometer!

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The saga takes a turn for the ... laid back?!

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Jean-Claude takes on dual roles ... AGAIN.

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Bob and Stew talk Suicide Squad and Star Trek Beyond.