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Bob on Stay Cool, Geek: Solo, The Avengers, Deadpool and more

Looking ahead at 2018's most geek-friendly films.

Movie review: Black Panther

Marvel's most progressive movie skimps a bit on the superheroics.

CSP: The Cloverfield Paradox

Bob and Terrence talk the new Cloverfield joint and Netflix's big plans.

CSP: Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Better than The Force Awakens? Better than Empire?! Yeah, Bob and Stew go there ...

Movie review: Star Wars: The Last Jedi

You thought The Force Awakens was epic? Wait until you see this.

CSP: Justice League

Bob and Stew discuss what went right, what went wrong and where the DCEU goes next.

Movie review: Justice League

Tons better than Batman v Superman but still not as good as you'd hope.

Movie review: Thor: Ragnarok

It's open-mic night in Asgard, and everyone's bringing some jokes.

Indiana Jones and the terrible, awful shot that defines Crystal Skull

This is what happens when Spielberg gets lazy.

Movie review: Gerald’s Game

Boy, this Stephen King guy seems to be doing well for himself these days.


Bob and Terrence stare into the deadlights in the latest episode of our podcast.

Movie review: It

Praise be to Gan! It is a wonderful adaptation of the Stephen King classic.

CSP: The return of Twin Peaks, part two

Yeah, that finale made our brains explode too. Let's discuss, shall we?

CSP: Game of Thrones season seven wrap-up

Bob and Terrence fast travel to Westeros.

Movie review: The Dark Tower

A bad adaptation of some great books ... and that is the truth.

Bob on Stay Cool, Geek: Comic-Con 2017 wrap-up

Breaking down all the trailers and reveals from this year's show.

Movie review: Atomic Blonde

Theron back again.

Remembering George Romero, Pittsburgh’s zombie king

The horror legend created an entire genre that still thrives today.

Movie review: War for the Planet of the Apes

Monkeys shine.

Movie review: Okja

The story of a girl, a pig and a streaming service.