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An interview with director Joe Castro (Terror Toons 3)

Dan chats with the gore maestro.

Rotten Tomatoes scores are no way to judge a movie

Down with the Tomatometer!

Baldwin’s Bloody Beat: Kickboxer 3: The Art of War (1992)

The saga takes a turn for the ... laid back?!

Van Dammage Report: Replicant

Jean-Claude takes on dual roles ... AGAIN.

Movie review: The Mind’s Eye

Dan loses his mind over this stellar genre flick.

Baldwin’s Bloody Beat: Kickboxer 2: The Road Back (1991)

The sequel loses Van Damme and picks up a lot of questionable plotting.

An interview with actor Graham Skipper (The Mind’s Eye)

The genre star chats about his new flick, as well as a few upcoming projects.

Movie review: Suicide Squad

Warner Bros. tries once more to jump-start the DC Extended Universe ... and fails yet again.

Baldwin’s Bloody Beat: Kickboxer (1989)

Dan kicks off an ongoing look at the franchise you didn't know existed!

Here, we fixed the Doctor Strange trailer for you

Yeah, we have a YouTube channel. Who knew?

Van Dammage Report: Desert Heat

JCVD goes DTV and the results are WTF.

Retro cult review: Highlander (1986)

There can be only one! (But should there have been even that?!)

The Movie Villain Hall of Fame: Col. William Tavington

We enshrine the Revolutionary War's biggest asshole.

Movie review: Captain America: Civil War

Marvel pits its heroes against each other in a supremely entertaining blockbuster.

Van Dammage Report: Universal Soldier: The Return

Luc Devereaux is back in a lackluster sequel.

Movie review: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Bob's head v brick wall.

Van Dammage Report: Legionnaire

Jean-Claude attempts his Lawrence of Arabia.

Movie review: 10 Cloverfield Lane

New contributor alert! Mike opens the latest Bad Robot mystery box.

Retro cult review: Mad Max (1979)

Taking a look back at the little exploitation film that started a franchise.

Movie review: The Witch

Welcome to the overhype.

Van Dammage Report: Knock Off

Also known as "the batshit crazy one with Rob Schneider."

Movie review: Deadpool

That'll do, Ryan Reynolds. That'll do.