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Movie review: Guardians of the Galaxy

A day-glow space adventure that is exciting, hilarious, heartfelt, rambunctious and charming.

Movie review: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

I did not have the highest of hopes for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles going in, but

Adapt This Now: Moon Knight

Not every great story has yet been turned into a TV series or movie. Adapt This Now is

Is a black Captain America progressive enough to be worth celebrating?

Within the past week, Marvel has announced that in a reshuffling of its Avengers comic-book lineup,

Movie review: X-Men: Days of Future Past

Need a reason to love X-Men: Days of Future Past? You have plenty to pick from.

Adapt This Now: James Robinson’s Starman

Not every great story has yet been turned into a TV series or movie. Adapt This Now is

Padding the Pull List: Start the new year with Black Widow and Deadly Class

Last year proved to be a major success for both Image and Marvel Comics. Image, with

Padding the Pull List: Get to know the Guardians of the Galaxy

Padding the Pull List is a monthly feature where Alan Smodic recommends which comics you should

Movie review: The Wolverine

In a lot of ways, The Wolverine is one refreshing summer movie. It’s not a prequel

Padding the pull list: Satellite Sam, Dexter are July’s most intriguing new comics

The biggest plus about reading comics is that there is so much content. If you look

Movie review: Man of Steel

More solid than super.

Need some comics to read? Try these!

Since this is my first post here at Cult Spark, where I’m going to be covering

Movie Review: Iron Man 3

Let’s talk numbers. Three: The number of Iron Man films that Disney outfit Marvel has produced.

Marvel gets ballsy with their big-screen take on the Mandarin

Massive spoilers of Iron Man 3 to follow. Seriously, don’t read this if you haven’t seen

Die Hard: Beyond the movies

The books, videogames and comics of the Die Hard universe.

Solving the Batman conundrum

The Internet fanboy echo chamber worked itself into a tizzy on Tuesday after Drew McWeeny of