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X-Men Charles Xavier

Movie review: X-Men: Days of Future Past

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Need a reason to love X-Men: Days of Future Past? You have plenty to pick from. Love it, if you want, for the way it deftly mixes the cast of the original X-Men trilogy with that of X-Men: First Class, the 2011 prequel, without spreading itself out too thin amongst a bunch of different characters. […]

Starman Jack Knight

Adapt This Now: James Robinson’s Starman

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Not every great story has yet been turned into a TV series or movie. Adapt This Now is a series where we highlight some of our favorite tales that Hollywood has yet to adapt — books, comics, videogames, etc. — and suggest that they get on that pronto. The Should-Be Source Material: DC Comics’ Starman #1-80 (1994-2001) The story in […]

Black Widow 1

Padding the Pull List: Start the new year with Black Widow and Deadly Class

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Last year proved to be a major success for both Image and Marvel Comics. Image, with its increasing ability to welcome top-notch talent, published hit after hit in the creator-owned space. Marvel, on the other hand, continued through with its Marvel NOW don’t-call-it-a-relaunch relaunch that saw the creation of new titles focused on some of […]

Guardians of the Galaxy

Padding the Pull List: Get to know the Guardians of the Galaxy

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Padding the Pull List is a monthly feature where Alan Smodic recommends which comics you should be adding to your regular reading list. GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY (Brian Michael Bendis, Steve McNiven) It may not be a new title, but I have to lead off this installment of Padding the Pull List with Marvel’s Guardians […]

Jackman The Wolverine

Movie review: The Wolverine

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In a lot of ways, The Wolverine is one refreshing summer movie. It’s not a prequel or rebootquel or team-up or “dangerous” re-imagining of the character. It merely takes the most popular mutant from the previous five X-Men films and gives him his first proper standalone sequel. (Suck it, X-Men Origins: Wolverine.) And The Wolverine […]

Man of Steel Cavill

Movie review: Man of Steel

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If you gauge the merits of Man of Steel by whether it’s better than Superman Returns, or whether it successfully puts the proper pieces is place for sequels and Justice League movies and a shared DC universe, or whether it finally gives us a Superman who uses the full extent of his powers to pummel otherworldly […]


Need some comics to read? Try these!

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Since this is my first post here at Cult Spark, where I’m going to be covering the comics beat, I figure the easiest way to introduce myself is to break down what I’m reading and what I enjoy. I don’t consider myself a prototypical comics reader, meaning I haven’t been reading all my life, my […]

Iron Man 3 Tony

Movie Review: Iron Man 3

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Let’s talk numbers. Three: The number of Iron Man films that Disney outfit Marvel has produced. Seven: The number of films Marvel has released in theatres. Five: The number of films Marvel currently has in production. Two: the number of films that Shane Black has now directed. 1,000+: Movies about robots. This is where context […]

Iron Man 3 Mandarin

Marvel gets ballsy with their big-screen take on the Mandarin

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Massive spoilers of Iron Man 3 to follow. Seriously, don’t read this if you haven’t seen the movie yet. In the Marvel Comics universe, the Mandarin is Iron Man’s greatest villain — an Asian scientist and fighter who gains superpowers courtesy of ten alien rings constructed using technology far more advanced that even Tony Stark […]