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Mad Men Jon Hamm

Shooting the angles with what constitutes a TV “season”

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The definition of what constitutes a single “season” of television used to be simple. It was 20-something episodes of any given show that were shot consecutively and would begin airing in fall and run regularly, with certain weeks off for things like the holidays, all the way through spring. Then the show would take the […]

Walter White

Breaking down that fancy new Breaking Bad iBook

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Warning: Some Breaking Bad spoilers below … If you’re like me and having a tough time keeping the drool from dribbling out of your mouth while you wait for the final eight episodes of Breaking Bad to air this August, then you may want to consider picking up the recently released Breaking Bad: Alchemy iBook, […]

Hannibal Mads Mikkelsen

NBC’s Hannibal deserves to be saved

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By all accounts, NBC’s Hannibal should not be a show I’m even watching, let alone breathlessly anticipating every week. For starters, it’s a prequel, that laziest form of storytelling that offers much in the way of fan service but little in the way of drama or surprise, as the audience always knows exactly where the […]

David Costabile

Celebrating “That Guy” — David Costabile

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The first time I ever actively noticed David Costabile was in season one of Damages, where he played Rick Messer, a crooked, murdering police detective responsible for doing Ted Danson’s dirty work. The guy was pure scumbag. You couldn’t help but feel your stomach lurch whenever he was on screen. Costabile was so good in […]


A delayed Louie is probably a good thing

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Just the other day, i got into a debate with Cult Spark podcaster Tim Kelly over whether the cracks started to show in the recently concluded fourth season of Louis CK’s often brilliant FX dramedy. He’s of the opinion that Louie turned too melodramatic this year, with the overcooked Parker Posey story arc presented as […]


Dr. Horrible makes its way to TV tonight

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Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, Joss Whedon’s four-year-old Web musical, has its TV debut tonight at 9 p.m. on The CW. If somehow you’ve never seen it, check it out as it’s seriously one of the best things the man has ever done. Whedon’s tale of a wannabe criminal mastermind (Neil Patrick Harris) trying to climb […]


Doing the time warp with Sorkin’s The Newsroom

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Many of the first reviews for Aaron Sorkin’s new HBO series The Newsroom hurled similar criticisms at the show: It’s preachy. It’s hyper-idealized. The characters aren’t much more than devices made to deliver politicized speeches. And just based on last Sunday’s pilot — the only episode I’ve seen — there’s certainly some validity to those […]


Reminder: Season two of Sherlock starts this Sunday

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Actually, to clarify a bit, season two of Sherlock starts this Sunday for those of us who live in America and try to be good upstanding gents and ladies who don’t watch pirated television. The three new 90-minute episodes of the endlessly entertaining BBC series already aired this past January in the U.K., while those […]