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Van Dammage Report: Universal Soldier: The Return

Luc Devereaux is back in a lackluster sequel.

Van Dammage Report: Legionnaire

Jean-Claude attempts his Lawrence of Arabia.

Van Dammage Report: Knock Off

Also known as "the batshit crazy one with Rob Schneider."

Van Dammage Report: Double Team

Warning: It's the one with Dennis Rodman ... though it's kind of fun anyway.

Movie review: The Hateful Eight

Tarantino's latest sure is violent ... but does it have more to offer?

Movie review: Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Stew’s take)

Great new characters highlight a dazzling return to a galaxy far, far away.

Our Favorite Bonds: Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)

Jonathan Pryce gets his Rupert Murdoch on.

Van Dammage Report: Maximum Risk

Ringo Lam helps Jean-Claude up his action game.

Van Dammage Report: The Quest

The Muscles from Brussels steps behind the camera.

Van Dammage Report: Sudden Death

Jean-Claude dies hard in a hockey rink. Penguins mascot pays the price.

Movie review: Furious 7

Our resident Fast & Furious expert, Stew Smith, offers up his review of the latest installment.

Van Dammage Report: Street Fighter

Stew looks back at the film that was the genesis of his Van Damme fandom.

Better Late Than Never: The Exorcist

We make Stew watch the Exorcist for the first time, and he writes about the experience.

Van Dammage Report: Timecop

I kind of feel bad for Timecop. Whatever came after Hard Target was always going to

Adapt This Now: Metal Gear Solid

Chris Hemsworth headlines Stew's dream cast.

Van Dammage Report: Hard Target

Hard Target is a special movie. Now, most of you are either rolling your eyes or

Adapt This Now: James Robinson’s Starman

Not every great story has yet beenĀ turnedĀ into a TV series or movie. Adapt This Now is

Van Dammage Report: Nowhere to Run

A movie like Nowhere to Run tests the dedication I have to this column, at least

Van Dammage Report: Universal Soldier

All of Jean-Claude Van Damme’s films thus far have been smaller affairs, little soirees that often

Van Dammage Report: Double Impact

Now this is more like it. While Jean-Claude Van Damme’s earliest years on the silver screen

Van Dammage Report Special Edition:
That new GoDaddy commercial

We interrupt our chronological examination of the works of Jean-Claude Van Damme to bring you this

Van Dammage Report: Death Warrant

So. Death Warrant. It’s been about two months since I last posted a new Report, but