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Bob on Stay Cool, Geek: Solo, The Avengers, Deadpool and more

Looking ahead at 2018's most geek-friendly films.

Bob on Stay Cool, Geek: Comic-Con 2017 wrap-up

Breaking down all the trailers and reveals from this year's show.

Bob on Stay Cool, Geek: It, The Mummy and The Walking Dead

You'll float too when you listen to this podcast.

Bob on Stay Cool, Geek: The Matrix, The Batman and Venom

A defense of the John Wick saga as an action masterpiece is also mounted.

Bob and Terrence appear on Stay Cool, Geek

Alien: Covenant and Star Wars are on the agenda.

Bob on Those Are Daddy’s Toys: How to show your kids Star Wars

Give 'em the prequels first, last or never?!

Bob on Stay Cool, Geek: Spidey, Apes and Christmas

With bonus argument: Is Die Hard a Christmas movie?

Bob on Stay Cool, Geek: Westworld, The Walking Dead

Also, John Wick Chapter 2 causes a fight to break out.

Bob on Stay Cool, Geek: Stranger Things

The SCG crew also talks Walking Dead, Star Wars.

Here, we fixed the Doctor Strange trailer for you

Yeah, we have a YouTube channel. Who knew?

Bob on Stay Cool, Geek: Part III

Bob makes a return visit to that other podcast he's on sometimes!

Bob is back on the Stay Cool, Geek podcast

Because you can never have enough cool podcasts to listen to.

Come listen to Bob on the Stay Cool, Geek podcast

If you like our podcast, this will be worth your time.

Van Dammage Report Special Edition:
That new GoDaddy commercial

We interrupt our chronological examination of the works of Jean-Claude Van Damme to bring you this

In defense of the Veronica Mars movie Kickstarter project

Don't hate. Donate.

The simple joys of a well-sweded Die Hard

“Sweded” movies were born from the 2008 cult movie Be Kind Rewind, and novice filmmakers are

Dr. Horrible makes its way to TV tonight

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, Joss Whedon’s four-year-old Web musical, has its TV debut tonight at 9

Today’s Best Thing: Flik, Numfar and the Gooch vs. a giant monster*

Joss Whedon highlights a kid-written web series.

Thomas Jane gets back to punishing

Someone doesn't want to let a certain character go.

Today’s Best Thing: Aaron Paul’s Instagram feed

But which filter best suits Heisenberg?