Today’s Best Thing: Aaron Paul’s Instagram feed

Just a few weeks ago, Aaron Paul announced on his Twitter feed that he had opened an Instagram account (user name: glassofwhiskey). This is notable because Aaron Paul is one of the leads on Breaking Bad, the very best TV show currently in production. (Yeah, I know — last week’s Game of Thrones was all amazeballs and heavenly. But you know Breaking Bad remains the gold standard.) Additionally, Aaron Paul is a pretty crack photographer who isn’t afraid to shoot photos from the set. So, if you happen to follow him, you were yesterday treated to this bit of greatness:

The photo was obviously snapped while waiting for cameras to roll. Paul’s dicking around with his phone while Bryan Cranston reviews the script behind him. Yet, it still managed to amplify my anticipation for Breaking Bad‘s upcoming fifth season by a factor of roughly six. So keep it up, Mr. Paul. You continue Instagramming shots this cool and AMC may as well lay off their marketing department for the summer. They won’t need them.