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The Movie Villain Hall of Fame: Maleficent

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I love Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. When I was a little girl, my father read me the accompanying book so often that I had it memorized at age three. From the story I’ve heard, he was only slightly disappointed when he realized his “child prodigy” wasn’t actually reading. I remember being fascinated by the film’s villain, the […]

Dargent Peytraud

The Movie Villain Hall of Fame:
Dargent Peytraud

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“By the way, Doctor Allen … what did you dream about this afternoon? A woman in your arms? The sea at your doorstep? Nooooo! You dreamt of me … and of the grave. I know because I was there. And I can be there every time you close your eyes. The pain I cause you, […]

Road Warrior Wez

The Movie Villain Hall of Fame: Wez

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I’m willing to bet that, for most people, The Road Warrior – George Miller’s diesel-fueled sequel to Mad Max — was the first glimpse they’d ever gotten of the fearsome presence of Vernon Wells. That was the case for me, and it’s a performance that I can’t quite shake for a number of reasons. Wells […]

Hans Gruber Die Hard

The Movie Villain Hall of Fame: Hans Gruber

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“Who said we were terrorists?” — Hans Gruber, Die Hard It’s in this very moment — in Alan Rickman’s amused, conversational delivery of that simple line — that John McTiernan’s genre-defying classic Die Hard begins to toy with our expectations on its way to becoming more than anyone ever guessed it could be. And it’s […]

timothy long kiss goodnight

The Movie Villain Hall of Fame: Timothy

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“And Charlie … you fuck with me, I’ll blind the kid and shoot out her knees.” – Timothy, The Long Kiss Goodnight I mean, I could pretty much leave it at that and be done with it. Once you start threatening children, you’re automatically ranked up to grade-A douche status, no questions asked. But seeing […]

drexl spivey true romance

The Movie Villain Hall of Fame: Drexl Spivey

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“You musta thought it was white boy day.” — Drexl Spivey, True Romance An actor should be able to disappear into whatever role he or she is given. That’s gospel. Gary Oldman wasn’t exactly famous by the time Tony Scott’s True Romance hit theaters, but he’d already left his mark in several meaty roles, most […]


The Movie Villain Hall of Fame: Norman Stansfield

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I take no pleasure in taking a life … if it’s from a person who doesn’t care about it.” — Norman Stansfield, Leon There are plenty of “Best Villains of All Time” lists floating about, and, damn it, if good ol’ Norman S. isn’t near the top in a bunch of them. There’s a reason for […]


The Movie Villain Hall of Fame: Clarence Boddicker

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“You probably don’t think I’m a very nice guy.”  — Clarence Boddicker, RoboCop It’s not even two minutes after meeting Clarence Boddicker in RoboCop that the guy throws one of his wounded compatriots out of the back of a moving truck, having the civility to ask him if he can fly first. That one moment […]