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Only God Forgives featured

Movie review: Only God Forgives

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I can understand why Only God Forgives has received a chorus of mixed reactions since its premiere at Cannes, where the film was reportedly booed. (Though that’s the same prestigious film festival where Pulp Fiction was booed when it won the Palme d’Or and Clerks 2 received a two-minute standing ovation. So take that as […]

Walter White

Breaking down that fancy new Breaking Bad iBook

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Warning: Some Breaking Bad spoilers below … If you’re like me and having a tough time keeping the drool from dribbling out of your mouth while you wait for the final eight episodes of Breaking Bad to air this August, then you may want to consider picking up the recently released Breaking Bad: Alchemy iBook, […]

Dargent Peytraud

The Movie Villain Hall of Fame:
Dargent Peytraud

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“By the way, Doctor Allen … what did you dream about this afternoon? A woman in your arms? The sea at your doorstep? Nooooo! You dreamt of me … and of the grave. I know because I was there. And I can be there every time you close your eyes. The pain I cause you, […]

Oblivion Cruise

Movie Review: Oblivion

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Attempting to sum up director Joseph Kosinski’s Oblivion after walking out of the screening this past Tuesday, I came up with the following equation: Wall-E + Tron: Legacy + The Matrix = Oblivion Looking around online since, I’ve seen people make similar comparisons, so I know my formula is sound. And though it wears its […]

Road Warrior Wez

The Movie Villain Hall of Fame: Wez

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I’m willing to bet that, for most people, The Road Warrior – George Miller’s diesel-fueled sequel to Mad Max — was the first glimpse they’d ever gotten of the fearsome presence of Vernon Wells. That was the case for me, and it’s a performance that I can’t quite shake for a number of reasons. Wells […]

Live Free or Die Hard

Retrospect Hard: Finding silver linings
in Live Free or Die hard

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Let’s face it, there’s quite a bit wrong with Live Free or Die Hard. Everybody’s got one bone or another to pick with the film, and, in most cases, they’re justifiable. Still, Live Free has enough working for it that it winds up being a completely serviceable action flick, just one that sadly falls short […]

Hans Gruber Die Hard

The Movie Villain Hall of Fame: Hans Gruber

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“Who said we were terrorists?” — Hans Gruber, Die Hard It’s in this very moment — in Alan Rickman’s amused, conversational delivery of that simple line — that John McTiernan’s genre-defying classic Die Hard begins to toy with our expectations on its way to becoming more than anyone ever guessed it could be. And it’s […]


An early look at Bayonetta 2

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Platinum Games has finally shown off a bit of the Nintendo Wii-U exclusive Bayonetta 2, which is already looking pretty good even in development form. The director on the first, Hideki Kamiya, has taken the role of supervising producer on the sequel while Yusuke Hashimoto, producer of the original game, takes over the reins as […]

Dead Space 3

Dead Space 3 demo impressions

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After playing the demo for Visceral Games’ highly anticipated Dead Space 3 last night and getting some hands-on time with both the single player and co-op components of it, I can say with great relief that Dead Space 3 is still as scary and intense as ever, if the bit I got to experience was […]

david r ellis

In memoriam: David R. Ellis

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It was about half hour before Final Destination 2 would start, and I’d already eaten a couple of “special” cookies, which I then chased down with a triple espresso from Starbucks. By the time the projector started to roll, I wasn’t just wired to the gills — I was on another planet completely. And yet […]

timothy long kiss goodnight

The Movie Villain Hall of Fame: Timothy

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“And Charlie … you fuck with me, I’ll blind the kid and shoot out her knees.” – Timothy, The Long Kiss Goodnight I mean, I could pretty much leave it at that and be done with it. Once you start threatening children, you’re automatically ranked up to grade-A douche status, no questions asked. But seeing […]