An early look at Bayonetta 2


Platinum Games has finally shown off a bit of the Nintendo Wii-U exclusive Bayonetta 2, which is already looking pretty good even in development form. The director on the first, Hideki Kamiya, has taken the role of supervising producer on the sequel while Yusuke Hashimoto, producer of the original game, takes over the reins as director.

Though plenty of Bayonetta fans are understandably miffed that the sequel is exclusive to the Wii-U, this is still a title worth looking forward to. The original is considered an instant classic for many reasons, not least of which are its polished and refined gameplay, the fantastic soundtrack and the hyper-stylized world where Bayonetta, Luka, Jeanne, Balder, Rodin and the rest of the characters reside — all of which look to have made it to the sequel intact.

Even more encouraging is the quote from the above video where they mention the game is going to play at the scale of the final-boss battle from the original. Here’s a look at that sequence, just so you can get an idea of the level of insanity we can expect when Bayonetta 2 gets released: