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Movie Review: Fast & Furious 6

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One of my all-time favorite musicians, the incomparable David St. Hubbins, once spoke of the fine line between clever and stupid. Justin Lin’s previous entry into the Fast & Furious franchise lives on that line – straddling it like a drowning midshipman holding onto a buoy in an unforgiving sea. But where Fast Five’s excesses […]

Iron Man 3 Tony

Movie Review: Iron Man 3

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Let’s talk numbers. Three: The number of Iron Man films that Disney outfit Marvel has produced. Seven: The number of films Marvel has released in theatres. Five: The number of films Marvel currently has in production. Two: the number of films that Shane Black has now directed. 1,000+: Movies about robots. This is where context […]


Movie Review: Pain & Gain

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There’s a sort of kneejerk reaction to Pain & Gain that makes you want to cast Michael Bay in a different, better light. His latest film, a longtime passion project masquerading as a true crime opus, is a prime example of the right director marrying into the right material. But Bay’s always been capable of […]

Die Hard McClane

Retrospect Hard:
Celebrating the original Die Hard

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As far as Christmas parties go, Nakatomi Plaza ‘88 promised to be a raucous night of boozing, cocaine and interoffice sexcapades. That is (record scratch), until Hans Gruber and his merry band of evildoers storm the building and hold it hostage for a king’s sum. But they missed one important fact: Nakatomi exec Holly Gennaro’s […]