In defense of the default Shepard

Mass Effect default Shepard

Bad news for those who hoped to import their ugly-ass custom Shepard that they originally designed all the way back at the beginning Mass Effect 1 into Mass Effect 3. Apparently, the new game can’t properly process the code for Mass Effect 1-created Shepards, meaning that, while your decisions will carry over from the first two games, your face won’t. You have no choice but to start over from the character creation screen and get it as close as you can. It’s not a major thing — a problem with importing plot points and story decisions from ME1 and ME2 would be far worse — but it does make me glad I used the default male Shepard for the first two games. I’m actually surprised that more players didn’t do the same. The default Shepard has always been used to heavily promote the Mass Effect games. That’s him on the box. That’s him in the trailers. He’s the star of the show. And I want to control the star of the show, not some hideous beast-man with absurd cheek bones that I crammed into the story. It’s different with a game like Skyrim or Dragon Age: Origins, where no central character is used to market the game and building a character from the ground up is part of the appeal. But with Mass Effect, it’s always been clear that this is the true Shepard:

defaultshepardUnless, that is, you prefer your Shepard have lady parts. In which case, that’s cool.