Batman Archive

CSP: Justice League

Bob and Stew discuss what went right, what went wrong and where the DCEU goes next.

Movie review: Justice League

Tons better than Batman v Superman but still not as good as you'd hope.

Bob on Stay Cool, Geek: The Matrix, The Batman and Venom

A defense of the John Wick saga as an action masterpiece is also mounted.

Episode 24: Batman, Huge A-hole

Bob and Stew talk Batman v Superman, The Screening Room and Indy 5.

Movie review: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Bob's head v brick wall.

Episode 23: Deadpool is the New Hotness

Tim returns to the show, joining Bob and Stew to talk Deadpool, The X-Files and more.

Spectre’s lame revelation and the plot device that needs to die

See what you started, Christopher Nolan?

Need some comics to read? Try these!

Since this is my first post here at Cult Spark, where I’m going to be covering

Episode 5: Wolverine on a Hoverboard

Episode five of the Cult Spark Podcast finds the gang discussing Ben Affleck’s recent comments on

Solving the Batman conundrum

The Internet fanboy echo chamber worked itself into a tizzy on Tuesday after Drew McWeeny of

Movie Review: The Dark Knight Rises

Christopher Nolan closes out his Batman trilogy in slightly underwhelming fashion.

How much pain will Bane bring in The Dark Knight Rises?

With the recently released 13-minute behind-the-scenes featurette, my anticipation for The Dark Knight Rises has reached