CSP: Star Wars: The Last Jedi

From Rey and Ren to Poe and the Porgs … Bob and Stew cover all the bases (Rebel and otherwise) in our Star Wars: The Last Jedi spectacular, 53 minutes of spoiler-filled, podcast-y goodness focusing entirely on the newest film in the Star Wars saga. Among the important questions they tackle are: Is this film great enough to stand alongside the best the franchise has to offer? Did writer/director Rian Johnson answer the mysteries set up by The Force Awakens in a satisfying manner? And exactly how much weeping happened in the theater when an original-trilogy character turned back up in a surprise appearance? Meanwhile, our podcasting duo also wonder if it’s fair to call Star Wars liberal propaganda and contemplate whether Poe should be demoted for inadvertently getting so many Resistance members killed. All of this and more is just a click away. We won’t use the Force to make you listen, but you totally should anyway.

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Theme music: Octopussy (Juanitos) / CC BY 2.0