Superman Archive

CSP: Justice League

Bob and Stew discuss what went right, what went wrong and where the DCEU goes next.

Movie review: Justice League

Tons better than Batman v Superman but still not as good as you'd hope.

Episode 24: Batman, Huge A-hole

Bob and Stew talk Batman v Superman, The Screening Room and Indy 5.

Movie review: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Bob's head v brick wall.

Episode 23: Deadpool is the New Hotness

Tim returns to the show, joining Bob and Stew to talk Deadpool, The X-Files and more.

Movie review: Man of Steel

More solid than super.

Mini-cast: Man of Steel

So we’re going to try something new here at Cult Spark. Rather than waiting to talk

Episode 11: Paul Walker Tries So Hard

It’s episode 11 of the Cult Spark Podcast, wherein our fearless podcast crew dissects Microsoft’s Xbox

The Movie Excitability Index, June 2013

Welcome to the Cult Spark Movie Excitability Index, a monthly chart where we rank upcoming films

Episode 10: Tough Guys Skip 3D
(Our Summer Movie Preview!)

The Cult Spark Podcast crew is back to preview the 2013 summer movie season, walking you

Trailer-rama! Breaking down the Superman, Star Trek and Lone Ranger sneak peaks

Trailers for three of next summer’s biggest movies bombarded the Net this week, leaving nothing but

The trouble with “partial continuity” in movies

I‘ve been watching X-Men: First Class on pay cable a lot recently. It’s such a fun,