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Episode 6: Liam Neeson, Wolf-Puncher

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Our podcast crew looks back on the year recently ended in episode six of the Cult Spark Podcast. Among the 2012 film highlights discussed at length are Django Unchained, The Grey, Cloud Atlas, The Master, Wreck-It Ralph and more. Props are also given to a few of the videogames and TV shows that stood out […]


The terrible hissing of Far Cry 3′s Komodo dragons

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There are bigger and tougher and deadlier animals than the Komodo dragon in Ubisoft’s jungle-island shooter Far Cry 3, but it’s the dragon I continue to hear in my head after I shut the game off for the night. It’s that hiss. That horrible, horrible hiss. It’s the stuff of nightmares. When you hear it, […]