Podcast Archive

Episode 18: Twitter following and Redmayne hollering

Bob and Stew talk Spidey, Jupiter Ascending, Justified, Better Call Saul and famous Twitter followers.

Mini-cast: The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

Bob and Terrence ponder the sex lives of elves.

Episode 17: Hate-playing Destiny (Our 2014 Videogame Year in Review)

Special guest Justin Clark (Joystiq, Gamespot) stops by to chat up videogames with Bob and Stew.

Mini-cast: Interstellar

How excited were we for Interstellar? So excited we ranked it #1 on our Fall/Winter Movie

Mini-cast: John Wick

Keanu Reeves’ new action film John Wick has opened in theaters, and Bob and Stew both

Episode 16: Ape evolution and what kind of extinction?!

Our podcast crew has monkeys on the mind.

Episode 15: This Podcast (Like Time) is a Flat Circle

Time is a flat circle in Episode 15 of the Cult Spark Podcast, wherein Bob and

Episode 14: Sylvester Stallone Did a Bad Thing

Bob, Tim and Stew take one last look back at the films of 2013 in Episode

Episode 13: Blandy McSpydude, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Is Star Wars Episode VII in serious trouble? Who should play Daredevil? Is there still hope

Interview: Writer/Director Kurt Edward Larson (Son of Ghostman)

A candid conversation with a first-time feature filmmaker.

Mini-cast: Remembering Elmore Leonard

Bob and Stew get together for a somber but warmly reflective mini-cast as the two discuss

Mini-cast: The Wolverine

Bob and Chad join forces Logan and Yukio-style to discuss The Wolverine, the second solo go-round

Episode 12: Sequel-cast — Judgment Days & Bogus Journeys

Bob, Tim, Stew and Terrence talk nothin’ but sequels in this latest full episode of the

Mini-cast: Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim is on the menu in the latest Cult Spark mini-cast, as Bob and Stew

Mini-cast: Man of Steel

So we’re going to try something new here at Cult Spark. Rather than waiting to talk

Episode 11: Paul Walker Tries So Hard

It’s episode 11 of the Cult Spark Podcast, wherein our fearless podcast crew dissects Microsoft’s Xbox