Interview: Writer/Director Kurt Edward Larson (Son of Ghostman)

Kurt Son of Ghostman

Something we had been hoping to do since the creation of the Cult Spark Podcast was to use this particular forum to interview folks who aren’t just talking about art — they’re busy creating it. So when our editor, Bob Taylor, found out that Kurt Edward Larson, an actor and writer he had gotten to know a little via Twitter, was preparing to release his first feature as director, he hit him up for a discussion about the movie.

Larson’s film is Son of Ghostman, a comedy about an aimless thirty-something man named Denny who puts on ghoulish make-up and begins imitating the local-TV horror-movie hosts he loved watching as a kid. The character becomes a bit of a sensation, helping Denny find a purpose, his nerve and maybe even true love.

Son of Ghostman — which Larson directed, wrote and acts in — is a true indie movie, produced with the bare minimum cast and crew. In this podcast, he and Bob talk about the rigors of do-it-yourself film-making, how the story was inspired by the work of John Hughes and why he thought the world of horror-movie hosts was a good place to set a romantic comedy.

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This episode’s music: Vampire’s Revenge (from Son of Ghostman) / Written by Kurt Gellersted and Published by Secret Sign Music (ASCAP).