Episode 11: Paul Walker Tries So Hard

It’s episode 11 of the Cult Spark Podcast, wherein our fearless podcast crew dissects Microsoft’s Xbox One reveal, ponders movies that are green-lit solely because it’s contractually beneficial for the studio to do so, and offers their thoughts on the summer’s big releases thus far. (Spoiler alert: Tim and Stew nearly come to blows over Fast & Furious 6, while everyone questions how the guys who wrote Star Trek Into Darkness keep getting work.)

Our podcasters this episode are Bob Taylor (Cult Spark, Cinematallica, CHUD), Stewart Smith (Tyler Morning Telegraph, Cult Spark) and Tim Kelly (Cinematallica, Cult Spark). To make sure you catch every episode, you can subscribe to The Cult Spark Podcast via iTunes or pick up our podcast feed at CultSpark.com.

This episode’s music: Escape (Break The Bans) / CC BY-NC-ND 3.0