Episode 6: Liam Neeson, Wolf-Puncher

Our podcast crew looks back on the year recently ended in episode six of the Cult Spark Podcast. Among the 2012 film highlights discussed at length are Django Unchained, The Grey, Cloud Atlas, The Master, Wreck-It Ralph and more. Props are also given to a few of the videogames and TV shows that stood out last year. Here’s the full breakdown:

0:00 — Introduction

1:39 — Tim and Stew’s 10 Best Movies of 2012 / Zero Dark Thirty / awards-season talk

8:11 — The Cabin in the Woods

9:46 — Django Unchained

21:13 — Cloud Atlas

24:13 — The Grey

36:00 — The Master

39:10 — 2012 disappointments and surprises / Prometheus / 21 Jump Street

42:00 — Wreck-It Ralph, Brave and the state of Pixar

52:34 — Skyfall (Curious why Bob dislikes it so much? Check out his review.)

54:36 — 2012’s best videogames and TV series / Journey / Far Cry 3 / The Walking Dead game / Breaking Bad

Your Cult Spark Podcasters for this episode are Bob Taylor (Cult Spark & CHUD), Stewart Smith (The ShelfCult Spark) and Tim Kelly (CHUD). To make sure you catch every episode, you can subscribe to The Cult Spark Podcast via iTunes or pick up our podcast feed at CultSpark.com.

This episode’s music: Vuelta a Empezar (Fantasmage) / CC BY-NC-ND 3.0


  • Oh the Academy! Tim pretty much summed up with his knock at it and you guys discuss it perfectly. I admittedly get wrapped up in it every year, only because my friends and family use the awards as a crutch to defend the film’s they like and to disregard anything I have to say about it. They’ll say “Film X” is great, because it got nominated/won an Academy award and because I don’t like it simply means that I’m trolling on them and trying to go against the grain.

    I love when the Academy recognizes smaller films, so that more people can go out and see them, but at the same time I hate when they really get behind ones that I thought were mediocre (The Artist, Silver Linings Playbook), because now I have to listen to the entire world FB/Tweet and discuss those films over and over.

    It also sometimes sucks when films you really like (Cloud Atlas) get completely shafted, because it’s just sad seeing great works of art going unnoticed. But that’s how it always has been and that’ll never change.

    Tim, looking forward to this Oscar shindig at the MOA. Keep me informed on the details.

    My favorite score (for 2012) is tied between The Grey and Cloud Atlas. I’d say Atlas has 1 or 2 PERFECT tracks, with a handful of decent ones, while The Grey has a mostly perfect score, but the tracks aren’t as powerful as Atlas’ good ones. If that makes sense…

    SOOO glad to hear about all of this Cloud Atlas/The Grey love. Two mesmerizing films for sure. Really disappointed that The Grey’s Oscar re-release didn’t catch on. Word around the campfire is that Cloud Atlas might get a re-release theatrically for some reason, to lineup with its worldwide release, but that probably won’t happen. They’ve pushed the Blu release back to TBD. (It was supposed to hit on Feb. 5th)

    That post-credits scene (in The Grey) is completely unnecessary, but overall a pointless piece that does nothing. Not sure how anyone can really get upset about it.

    It really is one of the best endings of all-time. That poem, blended with the score makes for pure beauty.


    A BOBCAST! I’d listen to it.

  • Robert Brian Taylor

    My favorite part of this episode is when Stew yells, “What?! No! I hate Sam Mendes!” Cracks me up. For those who are listening to and enjoying these, much thanks. We’ve got something special planned for our next episode. Stay tuned …