Episode 6: Liam Neeson, Wolf-Puncher

Our podcast crew looks back on the year recently ended in episode six of the Cult Spark Podcast. Among the 2012 film highlights discussed at length are Django Unchained, The Grey, Cloud Atlas, The Master, Wreck-It Ralph and more. Props are also given to a few of the videogames and TV shows that stood out last year. Here’s the full breakdown:

0:00 — Introduction

1:39 — Tim and Stew’s 10 Best Movies of 2012 / Zero Dark Thirty / awards-season talk

8:11 — The Cabin in the Woods

9:46 — Django Unchained

21:13 — Cloud Atlas

24:13 — The Grey

36:00 — The Master

39:10 — 2012 disappointments and surprises / Prometheus / 21 Jump Street

42:00 — Wreck-It Ralph, Brave and the state of Pixar

52:34 — Skyfall (Curious why Bob dislikes it so much? Check out his review.)

54:36 — 2012’s best videogames and TV series / Journey / Far Cry 3 / The Walking Dead game / Breaking Bad

Your Cult Spark Podcasters for this episode are Bob Taylor (Cult Spark & CHUD), Stewart Smith (The ShelfCult Spark) and Tim Kelly (CHUD). To make sure you catch every episode, you can subscribe to The Cult Spark Podcast via iTunes or pick up our podcast feed at CultSpark.com.

This episode’s music: Vuelta a Empezar (Fantasmage) / CC BY-NC-ND 3.0