Fill it to the rim … with Pacific Rim!

Guillermo Del Toro’s Pacific Rim is something I’ve been waiting patiently for since hearing the first bit of buzz on it from last summer’s San Diego Comic-Con. Giant robots fighting giant monsters under the direction of one of the most imaginative directors working today? That alone is enough to get me interested, but what really sparked my curiosity was news that the advance footage shown at SDCC brought the house down.

Up until now, the rest of us hadn’t really seen anything save for some viral web stuff. Now we’re getting a full trailer, and damn it if this thing doesn’t make you wanna find a buddy to help you operate your own giant robot and kick some monster ass. There hasn’t been giant creature goodness like this since Cloverfield (which I know has its detractors but I happened to love it), and Pacific Rim looks like it’s going to be nothing less than an absolute blast.

Also, word on the street is that they’ve already started writing Pacific Rim 2, which can only mean that there’s at least some level of assurance on the part of the studio that they’re sitting on something people are going to want a whole lot more of.

  • Robert Brian Taylor

    Can say with certainty that I’m not a fan of porting GLaDOS over to this film seemingly fully intact. It’s distracting and, truthfully, kind of cheap. Hire a different actress. Do something else with the voice. But just deciding to replicate GLaDOS in your robots vs. monsters movie is dumb.

  • Terrence Aybar

    I’m pretty sure Valve was onboard for that. GDT is a huge Valve fan, citing L4D2 as a regular family activity at his house.

    • Robert Brian Taylor

      I just read that Valve gave their blessing and was editing out the “Valve should be pissed” part of my comment while you posted, Terrence. Still, just because they okay’d it doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.

      • I think it’s great and distracting only to a small portion of nerds who obsess over video games. Besides, I doubt she’ll have more than a few lines. It’s akin to a cameo by any other famous actor/actress.

        • Robert Brian Taylor

          Yes, but I am a nerd who obsesses over videogames who doesn’t give a shit if it distracts normals or not. It distracts me! If it’s a winky little cameo — fine. But she’s featured in the goddamn trailer.

          • Sam Shepard was in the trailer for Killing Them Softly. In the finished movie, what you saw in the trailer was literally all you saw of him in the theater.

          • Robert Brian Taylor

            Yeah, but which is more likely?