Episode 1: Huggin’ Up on the Blond Guy

The Cult Spark Podcast is here! Our first episode features Cult Spark writers Bob Taylor and Terrence Aybar, along with film critics Tim Kelly and Stewart Smith, as they tackle a number geek-friendly topics. Here’s the rundown for our inaugural show:

0:00 — Introduction

2:02 — Phase two of the Marvel movieverse

28:32 — Movie plans for Stephen King’s The Dark Tower

42:46 — Fall movie preview

If you enjoy the podcast, please subscribe to it on iTunes and throw us your likes and follows on Facebook and Twitter so you’ll be sure to know when the next episode is posted. The plan right now is to record a one-hour show every month, so enjoy this first episode and we’ll have the next one up in October. (Any specific topics you’d like us to discuss? Suggest them in the comments below!)

This episode’s music: Vanishing Horizon (Jason Shaw) / CC BY 3.0


  • So many sexy voices.

    • Robert Brian Taylor

      Perhaps too many. The world might not be ready.


  • Terrence Aybar

    I’m still laughing about the title.

  • Honestly though, fantastic job guys. Really enjoyed listening to this and will plan on coming back for more episodes. Anyway this will be on Microsoft’s Marketplace? I’m one of the last people on Earth that still uses a Zune. Would love to subscribe to the show on my Zune if possible.

    • Robert Brian Taylor

      Thanks, Jeremy. I (and I’m sure we) really appreciate it. I don’t know shit about anything Microsoft past Xbox Live, but now that we’re up and running on iTunes, I’ll look into getting the podcast up on this strange and exotic Microsoft Marketplace you speak of.

    • Robert Brian Taylor

      Update on this: The podcast has been submitted to the Zune store. Sounds like it could take a while before it starts showing up, though. Hopefully before our second episode.

  • Terrence Aybar

    Thanks, Jeremy! It was a great time all around. Definitely looking forward to the next one!

  • Hey Bob, is there an RSS feed for the podcast (not all of us are itune fanboys)?