The Raiders IMAX release gets a bitchin’ poster

Was Googling that upcoming Raiders of the Lost Ark IMAX release today to see if it would be playing in my area and came across a new poster specific to the re-release with Indy artwork that I’ve never seen before. Take a look:

Gorgeous, huh? Definitely a throwback. Definitely Struzan-ian (even though I’m pretty sure it’s not a Struzan painting). I’ve got nitpicks, of course. The Blu-ray ad at the bottom is a distraction, and I still hate the Lucas-added “Indiana Jones and the …” to the title. But the artwork itself is fantastic and feels like classic Indy.

For more info on the Raiders re-release including showtimes, check out the IMAX website.

UPDATE: Thanks to the author himself being kind enough to drop by and leave a comment, we have more info on the poster. It was done by Mark Raats, who has a number of Indy paintings up at his website. Raats says below that the artwork was originally commissioned for the film’s 30th anniversary but held over for the IMAX/Blu-ray release.

  • Cheers for your kind words Robert.

    It was a new artwork done (by myself) originally for the 30th anniversary but held over to the blu-ray release.

    Kind regards MARK

    • Robert Brian Taylor

      Thanks for commenting, Mark! I updated the original post with the new info and included a link to your website.

    • Terrence Aybar

      Wow, that’s great stuff. Can’t wait to see what else you come up in the future, Mr. Raats.